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Thing 4 - Rudai23 - Communicating Visually


Remembering my Graduation last month at the University of Limerick and getting to know how to use the Photofunia App for Thing 4 on Rudai23.

Here is a couple of images I put together plus a quick video I made using these images too in the Quik Video App. 

#Rudai23 #Thing4

I think this is a great app. Very easy to use and I was surprised by the amount of templates and different styles it had in it. Very visual and eye catching and you could definitely have a bit of fun with it!

Its also very easy to put together short videos using the Quick App. I just made a short video using the images above. A handy way of getting peoples attention on social media. 

Kind Regards,



  1. Well done, you are moving very nicely through the course. Are you Twitter I am one of the moderators and would love to connect with you I am @shivguinn, let me know if I can help you out.


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